Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food Rationing?

Apparently there is a Matzo shortage. You'll be happy to know that our friendly neighborhood Carytown Kroger has a table with the product prominently displayed near the checkouts. In related news, the radio this morning told me there is food rationing happening in the Northeast and the West for items like rice and flour and some others. I don't really understand this, and there were no details. I don't want to get all DOOM AND GLOOM RECESSION ZOMG, THE WORLD IS ENDING, but are we really getting to the point of food rationing? Gas prices at $4, we're running out of oil, food prices are up, the world hates us, etc. Have we really just had our heads up our asses all this time? Should we be surprised at some of these things? I know for many of my generation, the idea of food rationing is just inconceivable. We've never known a world when things weren't plentiful. Last night at the grocery store, there were slim pick-ins. The banana section was completely empty and there was some note about there being a problem somewhere. Should we be expecting this more and more? Or is this just a series of isolated incidents?