Monday, September 08, 2008

Using Celebrity

Do you ever notice how the least memorable cast members of The Real World, with the least-developed story lines, end up being the ones who tour the country giving talks about subjects we're not exactly sure why they're qualified to speak on?

For instance, Jose, from the Key West cast. Remember him? Yeah, me neither. He's coming to a local community college to speak about bipartisanship and the upcoming election. Now while I think its fantastic that community college students have the opportunity to hear and discuss this historic presidential race, why would the not-really-famous-and-who-is-he-again? Real Worlder Jose be the best person to be speaking about this?

I get that to attract a youthful audience, organizers want to present someone who comes from youth culture. But The Real World? Do today's college kids even watch that? If they brought in someone actually famous from that series, a loyal watcher from my generation would be more likely to jump at the chance to see them than today's Millennials.

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anOCgirl said...

huh. actually i remember josé if only because he was latino and there are rarely any latino people on those mtv shows.

well, at least he's doing something positive with his 15 minutes of fame as opposed to some of the real world/road rules challenge regulars who are milking their 'fame' for all it's worth.

i'm trying to put a positive spin on what you said and sadly, that's all i've got. :)