Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Celebrate Marriage Week

I'm not sure how I feel about this yet


Yet another blow to us single folk on Vday week. Ha.

On one hand, strong families=good
I think the idea of teaching responsible fatherhood, actions and consequences, and healthy relationships is good.

On the other, this is of course only saying heterosexual families are good, and that marriage is the ideal (which I'm not sure is something we should be saying). I think yes, it probably is a good idea for a strong family, but I think it's rather...arrogant, self righteous, offensive? to be saying marriage is the only ideal.

The org that runs it was originally started by churches, and that always makes me a bit wary of their intentions. I wonder if that's bad. I like a firm separation between church and state.

Hrm. Thoughts, readers?


Anonymous said...

First Things First of Greater Richmond seems to be doing a great job of promoting - "Celebrate Marriage Week". That is not to say that being single is wrong. But it gives an org like this to give back to the community. And the community they are giving back to is the Marriage Community. And if this is a church organization whats wrong with that. - I don't see where this is a conflict with church and state.

J in Ric said...

hmmm... Well, I *love* my marriage and my family, but it weirds me out when you have to PROMOTE something like this. Who is it aimed at, really? And besides, just like you pointed out, this TOTALLY excludes homosexual couples. I'm all for strong marriages, and the idea behind this seems ok, but if this is to push people into a marriage that they would not otherwise enter to, then for me the whole idea feels not so good. I don't really know much about the organization, so I'll have to do a bit more reading.

toughstuff said...

i'm starting to think that even if marriage were allowed in VA it'd still be discriminatory. i mean, REALLY, what about single people?!?! do WE get to legitimately register at williams sonoma if we throw a party for ourselves?