Friday, January 05, 2007

First Blog Entry

Welcome to the first entry in my social justice blog! I started this after having a debate about "the issues" with someone I was dating at the time. He didn't really know much or understand where I was coming from on the things that I am passionate about (see user profile).

I also noticed that the students I work with (high school) and even college students (including my classmates when I was a student) don't seem to talk about these types of issues. Social justice. Race/class/gender/orientation. Poverty. Oppression. Rich/Poor Gap. Education access. Feminism. Equality. What do those things mean to them? They (we) are supposed to be Generation Next--the ones who'll be in charge next of the world. Why aren't we engaged in discussions about these issues? Why are only students permitted access to these types of debates?

Being post college, there are few venues to discuss this (other than online, I suppose).

Please join/follow my blog with your insights and comments. I want us to start talking.

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Thad Williamson said...

Welcome to the blogosphere--this looks promising and most welcome. I look forward to checking out what you have to say.