Wednesday, January 10, 2007

now you get taunted just for being male

SAN FRANCISCO - Members of an all-male singing group from Yale University say they were taunted with anti-gay slurs, attacked and beaten after singing "The Star Stangled Banner" at a New Year's Eve party in San Francisco.

So now they're gay just beccause they're in an all-male singing group? Jeez. Or they just targeted the ones that "looked" gay? And in SAN FRANCISCO, for crying out loud.
Police said they arrived and found about 20 people fighting in the street. They interviewed some of the participants but let them go after taking their names.

WHAT!? No one was arrested? Taken in for questioning for a HATE CRIME? What the hell?

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That Houston TFA Teacher said...

Yeah, my ex-roommate and I were a little PO'd at the lack of media coverage of it too, but I guess Saddam is a little more important to the world. (My ex-roommate did say, however, that he was also able to catch a very pertinent CNN segment about a photo of Barak Obama in a swimsuit. But no-- no sign of the hate crime in the media just yet.)